Services by Trinity Associates, LLC

Trinity Associates LLC general range of services are all the things needed to build or renovate a new building.  This includes…

Build-to-Suit Work
Trinity Associates LLC offers build-to-suit properties developed to a tenant’s specifications. We provide all services needed to make it happen; from site location and design to construction.

Architectural Work
Our architect consultants work closely with potential tenants on layout thats optimal for the space we are working with. We carefully plan out and design buildings that are conducive to meeting a clients needs and budget. Each one of our projects heavily focuses meeting the clients aesthetic, functional, budgetary and future maintenance needs.

Asset Management
Trinity Associates LLC is experienced with the financial intricacies of constructing a new project or revamping an older structure. We pay very close attention to material and labor costs, as well as potential market changes which may impact the overall project cost. With careful asset monitoring we can bring a project on time and on budget.

Legal Preparation
Prior to any project development, Trinity Associates LLC team works carefully with local governments, municipalities and other land-related organizations to make sure that the project goes smoothly and complies with all local buildings codes and laws.

Construction Work
From ground-up, we offer an exceptional team of architects, engineers, builders and others to efficiently build out your project.

Property Management
For projects that need a property manager, our property managers take pride in being excellent stewards for our buildings and for those who inhabit them.


Please call us at 914-789-5000 and let us know how we can be of help. Our offices are open Monday through Friday standard business hours from 9am to 5pm.